noun:  - The distinguishing character, sentiment, moral nature, or guiding beliefs of a person, group, or institution


LionHeart Alliance has established a three sided ethos model to guide the way we approach both business and life. Our three sided model provides the foundation to our success and are vital for continued growth and ability to push the boundaries of what was once thought unaccomplishable.

We use a triangle to depict our ethos model due to the fact that the triangle is the strongest geometric shape, and has a proven ability to withstand far greater forces than any other geometric shape. The individual sides of our model could be used as stand alone core values for other companies.  However, we believe that utilizing three separate values in the shape of a triangle will allow our company to withstand any force or pressure applied to our company from any direction.

 - Innovation: Always Impossible, Until It's Done.

 - Integrity: Unwavering And Uncompromising.

 - Responsiveness: Rapidly And Effectively Responding To Changes As They Occur.