Dynamic Assault Systems Hot Pursuit Plate Carrier Cummerbund

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Dynamic Assault Systems Hot Pursuit Plate Carrier Cummerbund

This cummerbund takes some of the best features in the industry and puts them together in an off the shelf option that doesn't break the bank. 


  • Laser cut cummerbund has dual built in elastic pockets for use with radios, spare magazines, etc.  The one closest to the front closure has an adjustable ride height to accommodate taller items without issues with clearances. If the users doesn't want to store anything in the elastic pouches then the shock cord retention can be removed and the elastic would go unnoticed to the user.
  • The cummerbund is soft armor compatible in standard 5" tall rectangular shapes, no more custom shape in which pigeonholes you into buying a certain brand of armor. Soft armor inserts can be supplied by us, or the user can purchase them from many other armor companies for various price points. 
  • Cummerbund has a built in stiffener throughout to help with dispersing the load of the vest.
  • Utilizes Raine Tactical Bridger Patent #10,314,355 cummerbund stiffener overtop of the front tube closure to allow one extra row of MOLLE for the user.  No more wasted space due to using a tube closure. 
  • Can be used with many other carriers on the market that utilize Tubes closure in the front and velcro hook in the rear. *Velcro hook faces toward the body so the existing carrier must have velcro loop facing outward.

Cummerbund size / torso sizing recommendations. (If using soft armor in the cummerbund make sure the armor buts up to the ballistic plates to prevent ballistic windows)

Medium: 32"-38"

Large: 35"-41" 

Extra Large: 38"-44"

2XL: 41"x47"

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