Dynamic Assault Systems Hot Pursuit Plate Carrier - Base Only

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Dynamic Assault Systems Hot Pursuit Plate Carrier  - Base Only

Built exclusively for LionHeart Alliance by FirstSpear we utilize some of the latest technological advancements in the industry and add a few features for those in a law enforcement setting. This carrier base is one that you can use with many different brands cummerbunds to include simple straps, to more advanced soft armor compatible cummerbunds. If you need a soft armor compatible cummerbund please see our full carrier https://lhagear.com/dynamic-assault-systems-hot-pursuit-plate-carrier-sapi-cut/

This item is just the base front/back/shoulders/clips of the carrier it does not include the cummerbund. There are many brands /styles of cummerbunds that will work with this base to include those cummerbunds that do not incorporate the FirstSpear Tubes technology to connect at the front of the carrier, as you can affix the cummerbund on the belly area as you normally would. The user must make sure that the the rear of the cummerbund you plan to use has velcro hook on it to attach to the carrier. The velcro hook can face towards or away from the body side as we have incorporated velcro loop to accommodate for the various manufacturing techniques of other brands cummerbunds. 


  • 6/12™ laser cut platform
  • Tubes™ Rapid-Release Technology
  • Front / Back panels sized to fit MD SAPI/ESAPI/SPEAR or similar sized 10x12 Shooter Cut ballistic plates. ***Fits most 10x12 plates some will be tighter than others due to manufacturer tolerances. 
  • Updated front detachable buckles are compatible with many different brands of Swift Clip / G-Hook placard setups to include: Ferro Concepts, Haley Strategic, Spiritus Systems, RDR Gear, Velocity Systems, HRT Tactical, and others that offer similar setups. *For use with G-Hook placards the user will need to remove the field repairable ITW buckle and run the G-Hook through the strap for top placard retention. 
  • Built for department issue this vest also offers Velcro integrated into the lower abdomen area of the vest for use with placards, however, if your philosophy on your kit is like a Ronco cooker and you "set it and forget it" then you can still utilize all PALS / MOLLE compatible pouches with this vest and the integrated velcro loop has no negative affect on performance.  **If you run your vest this way, please remove the front placard clips, dont be "that person" that leaves them on as they dont add any value running your kit this way. 
  • This vest also has two available spots for identifier patches. One on the upper front which measures ~3"x9" and then one on the rear measuring 4"x9".  **If only running a single patch on the front of the vest you can position it towards the top of the plate and can fit up to a 4"x6" patch. 
  • The rear of the vest incorporates an updated trifold design allowing easy access to the cummerbund sizing area allowing for micro adjustments. This allows the user to go from a heavy jacket for the early morning raids, to a combat shirt in the afternoon and quickly adjust your vest to fit properly. 
  • Low profile padded shoulder straps give you the comfort you need without any unnecessary bulk. 
  • Mic loops built into the shoulder straps allow the user to hang an external microphone in an easily accessible area. 
  • Zippered admin pocket on the top of the plate pocket. Sized to fit cell phones, body worn camera magnets, small notepads, etc. 

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