Dynamic Assault Systems Hot Pursuit Crime Suppression Vest

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Dynamic Assault Systems Hot Pursuit Crime Suppression Vest

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Built for those who need a tactical vest carrier that uses concealable cut soft armor that can be modified to fit the mission needs. Built exclusively for LionHeart Alliance by FirstSpear we utilize some of the latest technological advancements in the industry and add a few features for those in a law enforcement setting. This carrier can be rapidly donned or doffed for those times in which surveillance quickly turns into a more dynamic mission and ballistic plates need to be quickly thrown over a soft armor vest. 


  • 6/12™ laser cut platform
  • Tubes™ Rapid-Release Technology
  • Front / Back panels sized to fit concealable cut soft armor
  • Front detachable buckles are compatible with many different brands of Swift Clip / QASM placard setups to include: Haley Strategic, Spiritus Systems, RDR Gear, Velocity Systems, and others that offer similar setups. 
  • Built for department issue this vest also offers Velcro integrated into the lower abdomen area of the vest for use with placards, however, if your philosophy on your kit is like a Ronco cooker and you "set it and forget it" then you can still utilize all PALS / MOLLE compatible pouches with this vest and the integrated velcro loop has no negative affect on performance.
  • This vest also has two available spots for identifier patches. One on the upper front which measures 6x4, and then one on the rear measuring 4x9
  • The rear of the vest incorporates a trifold design allowing for rapid expansion of the cummerbund of choice. The days of having to fight the cummerbund to get it to pull out just enough to resize it are over. And you can go from a heavy jacket for those early morning raids, to a combat shirt in the afternoon and quickly adjust your vest to fit properly. 
  • Deluxe padded shoulder pads give you the padding needed to wear this vest for extended periods of time with both soft armor and ballistic plates. 
  • Vest has internal plate straps to hold the plates in the best position based on the carrier design. 


Please verify that the concealable soft armor cut you have matches that of this carrier. 


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