Product Development: 

-  Work directly with end users and manufacturers to come up with custom product solutions to fulfill specific operational requirements.

-  Establish Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation (RDT&E) processes for full vetting of new products throughout multiple market segments.

-  Analyze the marketability, saturation, and survivability of new products in specific market categories. 

Contract Management: 

- Establish new contracts and procurement channels that the government supply chain can utilize to procure equipment and supplies.

- Analyze and optimize product offering on established contracts for maximization of potential before their conclusion. 

- Leverage B2B relationships to utilize existing contracts as enhanced avenues for product procurement. 

Market Development: 

- Help businesses enter new markets in the Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) segments, through the development and optimization of a distribution model that meets the companies long term goals. 

- With our vast knowledge of government contracting we will develop new strategies, philosophies, and business channels to achieve greater market penetration of the manufacturers portfolio of products.


- Work with manufacturers and small businesses to develop best practices to coincide with ever changing government contracting requirements. With future government contracts requiring past performance references, it is vital to make sure all current contract requirements are met satisfactorily to prevent future exclusions.

Business Development: 

- Create custom growth centric strategies utilizing sales related activities, and targeted marketing efforts to grown specific market segments in the defense sector. 


- Create custom training packages for both end user requirement or business related agendas. 

- Training offered covers a vast array of subjects to include: Defensive Tactics, Firearms, Tactical Medicine, Government Contracting, Logistics, & Administrative Tasks.