Black Box Customs Negative Cant Plate V2 (NCP2) - Holster Plate / Accessory Mount Combo

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Blackbox Customs Negative Cant Plate V2 (NCP2) - Holster Plate / Accessory Mount Combo

Dissatisfaction with the unergonomic factory forward cant of the Safariland duty holsters led to the methodical evaluation of the optimal fore-aft positioning (cant) of the holster in relation to the belt attachment. Likewise, with limited real estate on duty belts and battle belts the accessory mount allows you to run a spare tourniquet or pistol magazine in front of your holster. 

This combo kit that includes both the NCP2 Holster Plate AND the NCP2 Accessory Mount in a single orderable item. 

The NCP2 Holster Plate has the following features:

  • Increased range of adjustment. Offers 25° of continuous negative adjustment from the factory 10°, rearward to around -15°. Reduce the OEM angle, stop at 0° or put the time in to find your ideal configuration.
  • Not reliant on a QLS fork setup. Can be mounted directly to the Universal Belt Loop if needed.
  • Two-piece design when used in conjunction with accessory mount
  • Machined from aluminum 6061.
  • Weighs 50g / 1.7oz.
  • Adds 7.62mm / 0.3” depth to holster assembly.
  • Raises holster ride height by 10mm / 0.395”.
  • Compatible with all known Safariland three hole pattern holsters.
  • Coated with Cerakote.

The NCP2 Accessory Mount has the following features:

  • Allows for the addition of a tourniquet or other accessory to be mounted on the front face of your holster body, a location easily accessible with both hands.
  • Mounting surface works in conjunction with Bladetech hole patterned accessories, Safariland ELS, Magpul MLOK, or MOLLE.
  • Two-piece system in conjunction with the NCP2 Holster Plate.
  • Pivots and telescopes before being secured in place, leaving no gap between the front of the holster and your tourniquet.
  • Ambidextrous.
  • 316 stainless steel.
  • Coated with Cerkote.

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