ASP Ultra Chain Handcuffs

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ASP Ultra Chain Handcuffs

ASP Ultra Cuffs are the first forged aluminum rigid frame restraint. They incorporate the innovative advances in handcuff design that were pioneered by ASP. Lightweight, round smooth edges, interchangeable Lock Sets, conical bows, double sided keyways. Added to these revolutionary design elements is a frame that is forged from 7075 T6 ordnance grade aluminum and permanently joined by 4140 heat treated spiral locking pins. The result is a series of handcuffs that have been called the most significant advance in restraint technology of this century.

The Ultra Chain Handcuff was designed in the field. Input came from officers and instructors in over 80 nations where ASP currently conducts training. As a result, this ASP design incorporates the practical features most requested by officers on the street. A stainless steel handcuff that weighs less than standard designs.

A flat contact bow improves application. Complex keyhole up training procedures are no longer necessary. There is a keyway and double lock slot on each side of each restraint. A double lock warning bar is readily visible. Both double and single locks are released by turning the key in a single direction.

Aluminum handcuffs weigh 15% less than steel models and are distinguished by their black bows.

ASP Tactical Handcuffs feature a replaceable Lock Set.

  • Length: 9.4"
  • Width: 3.125"
  • Weight: 9 ounces (Steel) 7 ounces (Aluminum)
  • System: Replaceable Lock Set
  • Construction: Overmolded stainless steel
  • Edge Radius: .035" minimum (1mm)

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